Can vehicles drive over drainage gutter?

  The drainage gutter is composed of modular units such as stainless steel cover plate and resin concrete drainage ditch body. In order to meet the urban drainage needs, the cast-in-place concrete drainage is gradually replaced by more technical and environmentally friendly finished drainage gutter, and has become a modern urban construction. An indispensable item. At the same time, some customers will have questions, can vehicles be driven on the gutter, and what is its carrying capacity? The following drainage gutter manufacturers will answer this question for you.


    Vehicles can drive on the gutter. The drainage gutter is made of resin concrete, with a section length of one meter. It has strong compressive, bending, and load-bearing ratings. It is produced in accordance with European standards and is also anti-corrosion. The stainless steel gap type The cover plate has a wide range of applications, whether it is used in commercial streets, squares, municipal road projects, residential areas, factories, etc., these places inevitably need to pass vehicles, and the drainage gutter is integrated with the foundation after installation and use , will not appear too obtrusive, and coordinate with the surrounding environment.


    What is the bearing capacity of the drainage gutter?


    The drainage gutter can carry up to 30 tons, which can be used for fire trucks and small and medium-sized vehicles. It has the advantages of high stability, and the load-bearing load can reach C250 level. It can choose its finished drainage ditch and The form of the cover.


    Nowadays, the drainage gutter made of resin concrete is used more and more widely, and the bearing capacity is extremely strong. The main material of resin concrete has the advantages of high strength and light weight. Polyester resin concrete can absorb external impact, and its compression and bending resistance The strength is 3 times that of traditional concrete.

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