FRP sidewalk tree grates

FRP sidewalk tree grates are a kind of FRP grating, commonly known as tree guards, tree pond covers,. It is widely used in street greening, parks, tree pits on both sides of roads and other places.

Standard size and model of frp tree grates:

The 50 specification is 50*50*50mm, and the whole board size is 1.22*3.66m, 1.22*2.44m, 1.22*3m.

The 38 specification is 38*38*38mm, and the whole board size is 1.22*2.44m, 1.22*3.66m, 1.22*4m, 1*3.01m, 1*4m.

The size of 30 is 38*38*30mm, and the whole board size is 1.22*3.66m.

The 25 specification is 38*38*25mm, and the whole board size is 1.22*2.44m, 1.22*3.66m, 1*3m, 1*4.04m.

The more commonly used specifications of sidewalk frp tree grates:

Tree grates often use 38*38*25 glass fiber reinforced plastic grilles. The size of the whole board of this specification is: 1.22*2.44m, 1.22*3.66m, 1*4.04m.  we can select the corresponding full-page tree guard grates for cutting according to the size of the tree pit, and strive to minimize the waste.

The more commonly used colors of frp tree grates are red, black, gray, yellow, green, blue, silver, transparent, etc.  also professionally modulate the color card or specific color values provided by customers to meet the individual requirements of consumers for product colors.

The color of the tree grates is made by blending the color paste into all the resin. The color is bright and does not fade. The product does not require paint, unlike paint that is limited to the surface, even after a long period of time, there will be no irregular fading, ensuring the aesthetics of the product.

In different industries, you can choose the color of the product that suits you according to your own industry characteristics. For example, in the fields of municipal engineering and road greening, the colors are mostly black, gray, yellow, green, blue and so on.

The sidewalk tree grates have various colors and soft colors, which are not only convenient for urban color design, but  the development trend of urban beautification in the future.

Preparation before installation 

1. Accurately measure the size of the tree pit and the diameter of the tree;

2. Cut the tree pond grates according to the measurement results of the first step.

But there are two points to note:

① After the size is determined, try to keep the cutting surface parallel to the horizontal surface of the tree pond grates when cutting. In this way, the high-strength performance of the tree pond grates can be better brought into play.

②When cutting, leave a gap between the edge of the tree pond grates and the pond wall, and reserve enough space at the tree diameter to ensure the space needed for the later growth of the trees.

3. The ground of the tree pit should be leveled, and there should be no potholes, so as to avoid problems in the installation and later use of the tree pond grates.

4. At the splicing place of the inner edge of the tree pit and the tree pond grates, place some bricks regularly to prevent unsafe phenomena such as shaking after the tree pond grates are laid.

The installation (laying) of the tree grate is very simple, only the cut tree pond grate can be spliced together.

The finishing work of the installation and construction

That is, the tree grates are fixed to work. We can choose stainless steel fasteners, and screw the screws directly on the wall of the tree grates. This not only prevents the appearance of theft, but also makes the use more stable and safe.

Product functions

1. Facilitate the growth of trees, keep the soil at the roots of trees loose, and promote the absorption of water and other nutrients to reduce soil erosion;

2. It is convenient for manual watering, improves the labor efficiency of manual watering, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and saves water resources;

3. It saves time and effort, reduces the maintenance cost of trees (the cost can be reduced by more than 2 times), and overcomes the problems of impact on city appearance and environmental pollution caused by excavation, and has high economic and social benefits;

4. The color of the tree pond grates is diverse and neat, which has a beautiful effect; on the other hand, the tree grates are light and high-strength, and the tree pits can pass pedestrians and small vehicles.

5. The municipal gardening department has been trying to solve the problem of dust from tree caves through technical means. The tree holes are covered by tree pond grates made of fiberglass. Each tree pond grates has many small lattices, which can allow the roots to breathe normally, while the dust is not easy to raise.



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