What is gully cover ?

What are the types of rainwater grate?

We must use  rainwater gully cover in our living environment, because it can effectively remove the accumulated water or rainwater on the ground, and it is one of the necessary facilities on the road. Therefore, there are many types of rainwater grate for different conditions.

cast iron gully grid has a long service life and good pressure-bearing performance. It is suitable for road use. Because of its good load-bearing capacity, heavy vehicles with a maximum load of 60 tons can pass.

FRP rainwater grate, there are two different types of unsaturated polyester resin, the surface of the manhole cover has good performance, is not easy to wear, and has high load-bearing capacity.

smc drain gully cover, including unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber, calcium carbonate, etc. The surface of the manhole cover is smooth and the bearing capacity is good.

Process and characteristics of rainwater grate

gully grating, also known as drain gully cover, road gully cover, rainwater gully cover, is molded from glass fiber and epoxy resin. The cast iron grating adopts the latest technology, and the load-bearing capacity of the steel frame reinforcement rib is more secure on the original basis. .

Feature description of rainwater gully cover:

1. Strong bearing capacity: high material strength, good load-bearing, reinforced reinforcement, no deformation or bending, sufficient materials, long service life, easy to pass the vehicle.

2. Multiple specifications and full sizes: light and heavy, support drawing customization, large quantities of specific sizes can be opened molds, thickness 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 100mm, various sizes up to hundreds of kinds.

3. Wide range of application: it can be used for urban road municipal administration, residential garage drainage, expressway, engineering construction, rural reconstruction, parks, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

what are the functions of gully grid drain cover

1. The gully grid drain cover is an appliance that uses a mesh with a partition. Here, it refers to the iron fence used to block the trash at the mouth of the sewer.

2. The trench cover has a variety of models to choose from to suit different span loads and requirements. The trench cover has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, strong pressure resistance, impact resistance and bearing capacity, easy installation, and adjustable Ditch cover.

Advantages of galvanized steel drain gully cover

The galvanized gully grid is welded by steel grating. The device is simple in construction, light weight, good load-bearing, good impact resistance, rather than bending, large displacement, beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, and cast iron rainwater grate is not comparable Strengths. Because the steel grating adopts the hinge connection method, it is easy to open and has the function of anti-theft.

Widely used in: municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, campuses, sports venues and other different categories.

Manufacturers can produce steel gratings with different loads and spans according to customer requirements. Customers can choose according to actual requirements. It is also possible to supply trench cover plates with different raw materials according to different occasions. In addition to general hot-dip galvanized trench cover plates, trench cover plates and window well cover plates processed with stainless steel materials can also be supplied.

Features of galvanized road gully grating :

1. Use hot-dip galvanized surface treatment: strong anti-corrosion ability, free of protection and replacement for 30 years;

2. Domestic advanced anti-cover planning: the gutter cover made of steel grating is connected with the frame with hinges, which is anti-theft, safe, and convenient to open;

3. Beautiful product appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern ideas;

4. The large mesh has the best drainage: the leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice that of cast iron;

5. Saving of materials and capital investment: when large span and heavy load, the price is lower than that of cast iron, and it can save the cost of replacement of cast iron cover due to theft or crushing;

6. The use of high-strength carbon steel makes the steel grating have high strength: the strength and durability are much higher than that of cast iron, and it can be used in large-span and heavy-load environments such as docks and airports;

What is a resin rainwater gully cover? 

The resin rainwater grate is made of flat steel and twisted square steel or welded flat steel and flat steel. Rainwater grates have the advantages of beautiful appearance, good drainage, high strength, many specifications, and low cost, so steel grates are usually used. With the development of science and technology, a new type of composite water grate is composed of resin or plastic, steel bars and inorganic fillers. Its advantages are lighter weight and lower cost than cast iron grate, but the disadvantage is that its strength is not as high as cast iron grate. Category: ordinary rain grates: steel grates. Pipe rain grate: It is the steel grate next to the steel pipe. U-shaped rain grate: It is a steel grate wrapped with angle steel. Rain grating: Install the angle steel frame into the reinforced concrete, and then put the steel grating into the angle steel frame. The anti-theft resin rainwater grate is generally recommended.

Advantages of resin drain gully cover

1. Light weight: The weight of the product is only about one-third of that of cast iron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and emergency maintenance, which greatly reduces labor intensity.

2. Anti-theft: synthetic materials have no recycling value and are naturally anti-theft; and are equipped with a locking structure to realize theft prevention of property in the well. It can prevent the occurrence of "urban black hole" accidents.

3. Strong weather resistance: This product uses high molecular weight and strong chemical stability raw materials. Through scientific formula, advanced technology and perfect technical equipment, the product can be used normally at -50℃~+150℃.

4. High precision: Because the product adopts high temperature compression molding, the gap between the cover and the seat is small, which overcomes the "running, jumping, and ringing" problems of cast iron and cement manhole covers and trees, and improves road traffic capacity and driving comfort.

5. Corrosion resistance. Tested by the Chemical Building Materials Testing Center, the resin rainwater grate has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and the anti-aging index reaches more than three levels and has a long service life.

Nowadays, the development trend of resin rainwater grate is more and more pieces. The performance of resin composite manhole covers in all aspects is much higher than that of cast iron manhole covers. The price of resin composite manhole covers is two-thirds lower than that of cast iron manhole covers. Moreover, once the resin composite manhole cover is formed, it has no recycling value, which is naturally anti-theft. With the progress of society, the raw materials produced by human beings are also increasing; it can be said that the latecomers of resin rainwater grate are expected to be adopted.



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