Application of resin heavy duty manhole cover

Heavy duty manhole cover

It is a new type of environmental protection manhole cover. The heavy-duty resin composite manhole cover has the advantages of high strength, high quality, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, no maintenance, etc.

Features of heavy-duty resin composite manhole cover:  

Using SMC sheet material, the strength is comparable to that of Q235 steel, and the key force-bearing parts are specially reinforced. When encountering an inevitable external impact, the pressure can be quickly dispersed to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

The heavy-duty composite manhole cover contains no metal and is lighter than the traditional cast iron manhole cover. In addition, due to the high strength of the manhole cover, man-made damage is avoided.

1. Heavy-duty resin composite manhole cover has high strength, low price and beautiful appearance. This product can be colored according to customer requirements, easy to install, maintain and identify. Because it has no recycling value, it completely solves the problem of vandalism.

2. Heavy-duty resin composite manhole covers are made of new high-strength inorganic synthetic materials and glass fibers.

 Application of heavy duty resin manhole cover

Mainly used in municipal roads, power supply, post and telecommunications, residential communities, oil and gas exploitation, chemical production, trench covers, environmental sanitation and other projects.

1. Heavy type: a road or parking lot for motor vehicles.

2. Light type: places where motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the sidewalk.

3. Normal type: road or parking lot for vehicles of class 10 and below.



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