Derusting method of ductile iron manhole cover

Derusting method of ductile iron manhole cover

1. Spray rust removal

The compressed air that has been separated from oil and water is used to eject the abrasive from the nozzle at a high speed, and the air and the manhole cover are sufficiently rubbed. It is cleaned instantly. The pressure of compressed air is generally 4-0.6MPa. The friction and impact generated when the pressured high-speed mushroom material and the ductile iron manhole cover are in contact are used to clean up the oxide scale and rust. This method does not require a fixed location, has high efficiency, has great flexibility in shooting points, has no dead corners, and has good rust removal quality. At the same time, it can obtain roughness on the surface to facilitate the adhesion of the paint film. This method is generally adopted.

2. Projectile rust removal

Using the high-speed rotating impeller of the shot blasting machine, the abrasive is scattered and shot to its surface. The abrasive is flying out at high speed, impacting and rubbing the surface of the ductile iron manhole cover. The manhole cover is cleaned. So as to remove the rust and oxide scale on its surface, this method has low labor intensity, light pollution to the environment, high efficiency, good rust removal quality, and the high power of workers is slightly reduced. Therefore, generally large manufacturers use this method to remove rust.

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