Why choose linear trench drain and what are its advantages?

Why choose linear trench drain and what are its advantages?


    Everything has its superiority and its uniqueness, and the same is true for the linear trench drain. The linear trench drain has a great effect. It can be used as the main structure of the drainage system with good drainage capacity, and is suitable for installation on the paved landscape. For places with higher requirements, then the following linear trench drain manufacturers will focus on analyzing for you which powerful advantages of linear trench drain have been recognized by people?

Advantage 1, long service life

    According to the manufacturer of the linear trench drain, the service life of the linear trench drain is extremely long, because it is made of a new type of resin concrete material, which is corrosion-resistant, compressive and bending-resistant, has a strong bearing capacity, and has a service life of up to 50 years. The cost of installation and post-maintenance is also relatively low. If it can be matched with a good joint waterproof material, its service life can be greatly extended. On the whole, its average annual cost is low, and its economic benefits are strong, much higher than other materials.


Advantage two, strong applicability

    Ordinary drainage ditches can only be used in specific places, and the effect is poor; however, linear trench draines are used in many occasions and have strong usability. They can be used not only in pedestrian streets and square road traffic areas, garden landscapes, but also in car parking spaces and stations. And the curb area of sidewalks; in addition, it can also be used in non-public transportation areas and roads with high vehicle load, such as docks and airports.


Advantage three, no secondary pollution

    linear trench drain is a natural environmental protection material strongly advocated and promoted by the country. No matter during installation or after installation, it will not cause any impact on the space environment. It can also be used in first-tier cities and cities with high air index requirements. It will not pollute land and water sources, etc.


Advantage 4, customization is possible

    Due to the different application environments of various drainage ditches, in order to make the linear trench draines more adaptable to the space characteristics, this kind of concrete resin linear trench draines can also be customized. The size of the drainage demand, the customized linear trench drain can be more practical, can make the drainage work smoother, and make the space safer. This type of drainage ditch should be selected for areas with higher drainage standards.


 The above four points are the main reasons why people choose linear trench drain. I hope that you can have a detailed understanding of the advantages of linear trench drain through the above sharing.

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