Resin composite manhole cover VS ductile iron manhole cover

Resin composite manhole covers and ductile iron manhole covers are common on roads. Manhole covers are divided into light and heavy types, and heavy ,Cast iron manhole covers are generally used on road , but some resin manhole covers also meet the load-bearing standards. And the price is relatively cheaper than cast iron. Like green belts and sidewalks which load-bearing is not require high,  Therefore, which is better, it needs to be decided according to the actual use occasion.


 The following will introduce the difference between these two manhole covers:

Resin composite manhole covers

1, Material:composite material.

2, Molding method:compression molding. The smoothness is stronger than that of cast iron.

3, Market recognition:anti-theft, strong acid and alkali resistance. Can withstand the wind and sun. The service life is basically 20-50 years.

Ductile iron manhole covers

1.Material:ductile iron manhole cover: iron material. Stronger than resin

2.Molding method ductile iron manhole cover: molten iron is cast into shape.

3.Market recognitioneasy to be stolen, not resistant to acid and alkali, and the normal service life is 5-10 years.

The cast iron above has a point that cannot be replaced by resin manhole covers, and it has strong bearing capacity. In other all aspects, resin manhole covers all have an advantage over it 


resin composite manhole cover is made of curing agent, accelerator, etc. as auxiliary materials. Its weight is two-thirds lighter than cast iron manhole covers, and the service life is more than 20 years, which is twice that of cast iron manhole covers, and the price is only 80% of cast iron manhole covers.

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