Manhole anti drop safety net

The final safety guarantee of the manhole anti drop safety net

In response to the recent torrential rain falling into wells, many citizens falling into wells in the rain and other incidents, in order to effectively maintain traffic safety during flood seasons and prevent personnel from falling into wells, the Urban Drainage Management Office quickly launched the installation of anti-falling nets in wells a few days ago. In the project, all the sewer wellheads in the jurisdiction that may have water gushing up the manhole cover are installed with anti-falling nets.

During heavy rainfall, the drainage pipelines of some sections of the road will have a huge impact due to the influx of rainwater. The manhole cover will be opened and displaced, forming a "pit trap", which directly threatens the safety of citizens.

The anti-falling net installed this time is made of high-quality nylon rope, the mesh is small and uniform, does not affect the drain and is not easy to be blocked, is easy to install and maintain, can bear 600 kg, and has a service life of 3 to 5 years.

The implementation of the manhole safety net project has not only added a solid "safety net" to citizens' transportation, but also added a "protective net" for road traffic emergency rescue workers.



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