The thickness of composite resin manhole cover

The thickness of composite resin manhole cover?

The application of resin manhole cover has different selection criteria according to different occasions. At the same time, the thickness is also different according to the different occasions. However, major manufacturers are familiar with various application problems of resin manhole cover thickness, so the thickness should be under different conditions of use. What are the requirements?

The thickness of the resin manhole cover varies from thick to thin, depending on the diameter and bearing pressure you need. It's as thin as 4 cm. Thickness up to 20 cm are available. Generally, 12-15 cm thickness of D400/E500 is sufficient for road driving. C250 should be no less than 30mm for residential quarters; D400 should be no less than 50mm for urban highways; E600 should be no less than 50mm for freight stations and docks; F900 should be no less than 50mm for airstrips.

In this way, with the standard, we will not be indiscriminate use when selecting, so that we can complete the resin manhole cover better and more smoothly, and thus will be better in use.

The above is the thickness of our common resin manhole cover, and also to let everyone better understand its use in our daily life.



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