The difference between composite resin manhole cover and other materials

The difference between composite resin manhole cover and other materials

Now, the most common manhole cover is on the road. The material of the manhole cover is generally composed of composite materials and cast iron materials. The most obvious difference is in weight. But what are the differences between them?

Whether the manhole cover is safe has always been a concern of people. After all, the manhole cover will inevitably be encountered on the way out. Traditional cast iron manhole covers and concrete manhole covers have become the most popular due to their low cost. Cast iron manhole covers are easily stolen. Resin manhole covers have a low recyclable value, breaking the law of stealing traditional manhole covers. But its performance is better than the requirements of urban manhole covers. Therefore, from the current point of view, the prospects for composite resin manhole covers are bright.

The resin manhole cover is made of unsaturated polyester synthetic material, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure at one time.  has the advantages of high strength, high density, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, no pollution, no protection, etc. During the summer flood season, groundwater wells need to be maintained. The resin manhole cover is small in weight, and it is more convenient to repair .

resin manhole cover is a composite material of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. There are many advantages that traditional manhole covers do not have. The weight is decreasing, but the quality is getting better and better, which overcomes the shortcomings of many traditional manhole covers..also has a feature, that is, it is suitable for various forms and specifications of manhole covers to meet the needs of most cities. Carbon fiber and silicon carbide fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites can still maintain sufficient strength at 500°C.

Compared with the traditional manhole covers that are gradually withdrawing from the market, these are absolute advantages.


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