​ Round or Square Manhole Cover

Round and square manhole covers are a lot of things. They're made of steel, they're heavy, and they're very strong. But most of all, they're versatile. We're going to go over 5 reasons why you should choose round and square manhole covers for your home or business.

More Protective

Possibly the best advantage of a round manhole cover is that it's more protective. The majority of people who are trying to open a manhole, do so with the intent to burglarize it. If the lid is circular, they will not be able to grip it and remove it. This makes the manhole much safer than if it were a square or rectangle shape.

Another reason why this type of lid is more protective is because even if an unauthorized person could manage to open it, they would have difficulty holding onto the cover as they descend into the hole. Unlike an open grate where you can easily step through, you'd have to be quite agile and skilled in order to climb into a round opening without falling in!

Better for Parking Areas

When it comes to having a functional parking lot, you'll definitely want to make sure that your manhole covers are perfectly suitable for the space. Because square drain covers are more stable, they're great for parking areas. Because of the fact that there's less likelihood of tripping over them and because they're more difficult to move, you can rest assured that your square manhole covers will stay in place and help keep your parking lot safe.

Round drain covers might be able to slip through the cracks easier than square ones but this also means that they could be stolen or moved by passersby much more easily. While it's unlikely that people will try to steal your round drain covers at all, it's still best for a parking lot to be as secure as possible with no loose ends left around.

More Suitable for Application with Large Sewer Pipes

This is an important reason why the round manhole cover is more popular than the square manhole cover. It should be noted that in the case of a large amount of sewage flow, whether it is a square manhole cover or a round manhole cover, there will be some difference in treatment effect.

However, due to the larger wastewater flow required for the use of larger drainage pipes, if you choose a square manhole cover for this use scenario, it may not be able to effectively treat sewage water. In other words, when selecting sewer covers for different pipe diameters , Round covers are more suitable for use with large sewer pipes!

Less Expensive Than Round Manhole Covers

When making the decision of whether to go with a square or round manhole cover, you may want to consider the cost of each. Square manhole covers are less expensive than circular ones. This is due to the amount of material required to manufacture the covers. A round manhole cover requires more material than a square one, as it is larger in diameter, meaning that there is more surface area.

The price difference between a square and circular cover can easily be as much as 50%. Additionally, it costs less money to transport square manhole covers because they take up less space when compared with their round counterparts.

Easier and Cheaper to Transport and Handle

On top of all that, round and square manhole covers are also more affordable than other options. This is especially true when you take into account that they don't require a crane for installation.

Since the cover can be moved manually, the process is much simpler and faster than other methods. As a result, you'll save a substantial amount on your initial installation or repairs and you'll need to worry less about damages during transportation.


Round and square manhole cover are key elements in the construction of underground sewer systems. They provide a way for us to protect our infrastructure and to keep citizens safe. Choosing the right cover is an important decision for utility designers and engineers, and this is why these five reasons are useful in making that choice. Use them as a guide when vetting out your options.



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