Prevent the sewer manhole cover from being stolen

Prevent the sewer manhole cover from being stolen


The manhole cover problem bothers the citizens, and it also gives the management a big headache. Lets take a look at how foreign managements solve the manhole cover problem:


1 Japan

At the end of the 1850s, Tokyo engineers improved the surface texture of the manhole cover and added some concave-convex pattern designs, which not only enhanced the surface friction, but also made it more beautiful.

Different patterns also help to clarify the scope of jurisdiction of each administrative subject. City, district, and town flowers are used on the manhole covers for the sewers managed by the municipal, district, and town departments. Once repairs are needed, the responsible party can be identified immediately. If it is a private sewer, the word "private" will be marked on the manhole cover to distinguish it. Recently, satellite positioning systems have been installed on manhole covers in some areas.

The Japanese rely on public affairs "experts" to solve problems from a technical point of view. They do not trouble others, but also fundamentally solve the hidden dangers of accidents. This is a clear responsibilities and a multiplier approach.


2 Germany

German city sewer openings are usually made of metal grates as manhole covers. It is a common phenomenon that the gaps in the grates are blocked by debris, such as leaves, plastic bags, and stones. In order to avoid clogging of the sewers in German cities, one is that the gaps in the sewer grates are relatively large, and the other is that an iron basket is specially connected under the grates. Only under the iron basket is the horizontal sewer pipe connected, which can receive a lot of dirt. , So that these solid objects can not flush into the sewer. The worker only needs to open the sewer manhole cover, hook the iron basket, dump the garbage in the basket into the garbage truck, and reset it.

During the repair of sewers, the municipal department will issue "warnings." Before the big warning sign arrives, municipal workers wearing luminous warning clothing will first stand by the sewer with a hand-held warning sign to guide pedestrians, so as not to accidentally fall into the well. Subsequently, three "protective walls" will be surrounded by the accident well. The first "wall" directly surrounds the accident site with red and white warning tapes. The second wallis a thick vertical railing wall 1 meter high. Each railing also has a red flashing light, which flashes and glows at night. On the third "wall", warning signs were also erected on the front and back of the sidewalk, indicating that "the well ahead is damaged. Be careful of falling into the well". Even the speed limit on the motor vehicle lanes beside the sidewalk shall not exceed 30 kilometers per hour.


3 United States

In 2004, a New York citizen accidentally stepped on a live iron manhole cover while walking his dog and was accidentally electrocuted. After the incident, the Mayor of New York stated that the Uniform Edison Company, which was in charge of the manhole cover, was directly responsible for the tragedy, but the municipal department should also cooperate with the company to ensure the safety of the manhole cover.

In order to improve the safety factor of manhole covers, the New York City Environmental Protection Agency announced in 2012 that it would install electronic monitoring devices under dozens of sewer manhole covers in the city. Currently, 21 sewer hubs in Queens and Brooklyn are installing electronic monitoring devices.




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