All You Need to Know About Sewer Manhole Cover

A sewer manhole cover is a removable cap that protects things and people from falling into it. These covers are available in different shapes, including rectangular, circle, and square. But the most used shape is circular, and you will find this shape almost everywhere. The circular covers are safe and easy to use as well. Moreover, these covers are accessible in different sizes and materials, and they can cover all sizes of the sewer. Also, you will find a manhole drain cover heavier. Therefore, it might not be possible to install or remove it without any additional support. We will know more about the gutter cover in the following. We will discuss materials, types, and other related factors.

Purpose of Installing Sewer Manhole Covers

A manhole drain cover works as a lid on the hole. Also, it prevents unpredictable things and accidents. The sewer hole is large since it allows a man to enter and inspect the conditions beneath. If we leave holes open, accidents will happen every day. Hence, the concerned authorities use covers to close them. Whenever needed, skilled personnel remove the lid and inspect the condition.

In brief, a sewer manhole cover keeps unauthorized people away from it. It prevents people and things from falling into the holes. Mostly, these types of lids ensure advanced safety. Also, they are available in sturdy designs to offer the desired durability and strength.

In addition to the design, the material will play a determining role. It will help to achieve the result. It is worth mentioning that gutter covers are super strong and use heavy materials to stay in place and withstand heavy traffic. More importantly, people cannot lift these covers without some specific tools.

Raw Materials

As mentioned earlier, these covers are available in different materials. However, the most preferred one is cast iron. Other usable materials are ductile iron, concrete, and galvanized steel. Manufacturers use either one material or combine materials to make sewer hole covers. In addition to cast iron, people prefer ductile cast iron due to its enhanced strength. Apart from the above materials, manufacturers use green sand during the process.


Manhole covers come in different designs. Yes, you can find the simplest one and the most ornate one. The style will vary based on the usage purpose. Mostly, all these covers are round. But you can expect some exceptions and find different shapes. When it comes to the round shape, you will find many benefits. First, a round object will not drop into the round hole when the diameter is the same. However, these covers are heavier and can kill anyone standing underneath them. But the round shape will minimize the risk. It is easy to move, and you can transport the cover by rolling it. Moreover, the round shape will have a smaller surface. Therefore, you will need less material. You can expect a cost-effective solution. All these qualities contribute to the usage and popularity of circular shapes. However, you might not expect these benefits from other available structures.

Sewer Manhole Cover Types

There are different types of covers for sewer holes. However, if you want the best lids, you can consider the ductile iron, recessed, and solid top types. The ductile iron is reliable and sturdy, and it will not oxidate as well. You will find the ductile iron a bit stronger than the cast iron. But the recessed covers are ideal for laying block paving. You will find them useful for decorative finishes. The solid tops are light galvanized covers. They are lighter compared to their competitors.


A sewer manhole offers a safe route to sewage pipes. The authorized people need to access the sewer now and then to repair and inspect damages. However, the holes cannot remain open all the time since people and animals can fall into them. Therefore, authorities consider using a sewer manhole cover to close them. Moreover, a manhole drain cover can help with more benefits. It prevents harmful gases and unpleasant smells from coming out of tunnels. There are different sewer lid types, and each serves a specific purpose. When the iron option is ideal for roads, docks, pedestrian walkways, and airports, the recessed type is the best for residential projects, hospitals, malls, and hotels. The solid top is suitable for industrial areas.



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