Five advantages of smart manhole cover system

Five advantages of smart manhole cover system

1: Independent patent technology

Two: Remote real-time monitoring function, GPRS communication function, mobile phone APP Bluetooth communication function. The monitoring terminal adopts the Bluetooth communication module and the GPRS communication module. The Bluetooth communication module replaces the GPS module, which greatly saves the product cost and avoids the disadvantages of the GPS module not working normally or unstable under the manhole cover. GPRS communication module is suitable for intermittent, sudden or frequent, small amount of data transmission, as well as occasional large data transmission, with strong communication effectiveness, stable and reliable data signal, and strong anti-interference.

Three: The battery has a long service life (4-5 years). Advanced power management mode, long working time. The circuit adopts watchdog circuit management, real-time clock circuit management, low power consumption design, power breathing working mode, GPRS communication ticking working mode; the installed battery can maintain normal work for 4-5 years;

Four: The battery has a wireless charging function and is easy to maintain. The battery of the monitoring terminal is designed with a wireless charging unit, which is firm and reliable after installation, and has an IP67 protection level; the wireless charging unit can also ensure the multiple use of the device.

Five: Real-time monitoring of manhole covers is realized, and the hidden danger of manhole covers is fundamentally eliminated. Advanced sensing technology, the perfect combination of communication modules and sensing technology, the use of gravitational acceleration sensors, the use of intelligent algorithms, 0 error manhole cover motion status report, to prevent false alarms, clear and accurate map guidance to achieve real-time monitoring of manhole covers.



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