What is a smc lawn recessed manhole cover?

Grass manhole covers are also called lawn and plant manhole covers,  Although there are many names, they all have one thing in common: a concave shape, like a flower pot. lawn manhole covers are mainly used in urban green belts, parks, etc. Compared with ordinary cast iron manhole covers and resin manhole covers, it as a whole and can be filled with soil for planting flowers and plants.

Generally made of SMC resin material, with green dye, one-time high temperature molding, with excellent performance such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance. SMC material has high strength, light weight, very simple installation and construction, express delivery, and later maintenance is also very convenient.

SMC lawn manhole cover has been widely used in the world, it is a better solution for urban green belt manhole cover

SMC plant manhole covers are mainly divided into round and square, and the specifications are φ400-φ800 round and 400-1000 square. It can meet the needs of various projects.

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