ss floor drain cover

ss floor drain cover

ss floor drain coverr is a kind of gutter cover welded by stainless steel flat steel. It is easy to install and construct, light in weight, good in bearing capacity, good in impact resistance, rather than bending, and large in drainage. Products can be widely used in municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, stadiums and other places.

There are many styles of ss floor drain cover, and the application area is also wide.

Needless to say, ss floor drain cover is very lightweight on the whole, and it is quick and convenient to install.

Furthermore, stainless steel has strong aesthetics, and there are many styles for choose or customized, which can be designed into different shapes and patterns.

There are many ways to set the pores of the drainage ditch, and there are many sizes and types to choose from, which can functionally adapt to the drainage requirements of different areas.

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