Stainless steel drain cover

stainless steel floor drain cover has many advantages compared with traditional cover. It not only has high corrosion resistance, but also has high aesthetics. It is a very popular cover at present. When choosing it, some factors should be considered, such as displacement, bearing capacity, and the degree of matching with the environment, so that the right product can be selected. It has a wide range of use and must be installed in accordance with certain requirements. Here is an introduction to the selection method, use and installation conditions of the stainless steel drainage ditch cover.

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What are the factors to consider when choosing a stainless steel drain cover?

   1. Choose according to the displacement

   When choosing a stainless steel drainage ditch, the size and structure of the drainage ditch should be selected according to the drainage design plan, the amount of waste water and rainfall in the drainage area should be fully considered, and the production volume of the factory should be fully considered.

  2, have a good bearing capacity

   The compressive resistance of stainless steel drainage ditch is generally better, and it must be matched with a stainless steel cover plate that also has a high load-bearing capacity. In the food production workshop, it is necessary to fully bear the weight of the forklift.

   3. Better corrosion resistance

   In the current situation of serious air pollution, rainfall and domestic wastewater will contain a certain amount of acidity. The acid content in industrial wastewater is even greater, and there will be a lot of alkaline content in industrial wastewater.

  4, stainless steel drainage ditch should match the use environment

   The construction of the factory workshop and the road construction will consider the aesthetics of the internal environment and consider placing the stainless steel drainage ditch within a reasonable design range to meet the overall aesthetic planning.

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What are the usage of stainless steel gully cover?

   1. Chemical industry: Mainly used for operating platforms, maintenance platforms, cable trench covers, pedestrian walkways and stainless steel trench covers in chemical plants.

  2. Shipbuilding: Mainly used for ship decks, pedestrian walkways, maintenance walkways, etc.

  3. Manufacturing: mainly used for equipment maintenance platforms, floors, fences, stainless steel trench covers, gratings, stair steps, etc.

  4. Sewage treatment: It can be used as the auxiliary surface material of the operating platform under the cooling tower, can be used as the hanger of the biochemical water treatment pool, and can also be used as the maintenance walkway and stair step of the sewage treatment plant.

  5. Transportation industry: Mainly used in the transportation industry such as trains and automobiles as walkways, railway crossing tracks, truck top walkways, platforms, decks, stainless steel trench covers, airport lighting fences, etc.

  6. Electric power: Mainly used for launcher platform, cooling tower walkway, maintenance platform, loading and unloading platform, stainless steel trench cover, etc.

 What are the installation conditions for the stainless steel drain cover?

  1. The base layer of the trench cover is smoothed and smoothed, and the surface is solid and smooth, and there are no quality defects such as hollowing, sanding, cracking, etc.

  2. The waterproofing must be constructed by a professional team and work with a certificate. Various materials used in the waterproof layer, primary treatment agent, xylene, etc. are flammable materials, and fireworks are strictly prohibited during construction operations.

  3, the base layer is dry, the moisture content is not more than 9% (covered with 1000X1000 plastic film for 24 hours, no water drops).

   4. Polyurethane painting should not be carried out in rainy or windy days, and the ambient temperature for winter construction should not be lower than 5°C.

   The above is the selection method, use and installation conditions of the stainless steel drain cover for everyone. I must have a certain understanding after reading it. If you need it, you can contact us.



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