Reasons to Use Steel Manhole Cover

You probably use manhole covers every day, but do you know why they're made of steel? Steel is an excellent material for making manhole covers, but there are a few more good reasons why you should use steel manhole covers. Here are 5 great reasons to consider steel for your next project:

1. Durable

A manhole cover is a removable plate forming the lid over an opening to a manhole, to prevent anyone or anything from falling in and to keep out unauthorized persons and material. The steel manhole lid is durable because the cast iron manhole covers is made from high strength cast steel which has very good bearing capacity and can be used for many years.

2. Price

It is not difficult to understand that steel material is less expensive than fiber reinforced plastic. This can be clearly seen from the sales price of them. And for a local government, the price factor is a big factor affecting their decision making.

So it is easy to imagine that if you use steel manhole lids instead of FRP, it can save you money. Moreover, the manhole cover made from steel material not only has a very low cost but also has a warranty period of more than 30 years in many cases. Therefore, using manhole covers made with steel material will help save on maintenance costs over time and ensure long-term benefit for both businesses and individuals.

They're also easy to obtain because they're available in most hardware stores or through online retailers. These materials are less expensive and they can last longer than other types of materials, so you get what you pay for!

3. Anti-Thief

Since steel manhole lids weigh far more than plastic manhole covers and are much more expensive, most thieves avoid stealing them. If a thief does steal one, it is usually harder to remove it from the ground because of its heavy weight and value.

4. Security and Safety

Manhole covers are designed for the safety of pedestrians and to prevent unauthorized access to underground utilities. The steel cover provides an extra measure of safety that is not possible with plastic or concrete covers. Steel manhole lids have a high anti-slip property, making them safer for pedestrians or even vehicles.

In addition, steel manhole covers are solid with no openings, preventing anyone from getting trapped inside like what can happen with plastic or concrete. Finally, steel manhole cover can be locked to prevent unauthorized access, which further enhances its security measures.

5. Customized Designs

The most attractive aspect of using a cast iron manhole cover is perhaps customization. You can have them in standard sizes, or you can get them manufactured according to your specifications. Similarly, the cast iron manhole covers are also available in standard colors, but if you want specific colors as per your brand requirements, that option is also available.

You can choose to have customized logos embossed on the covers, and you will be surprised at the number of options you actually have when it comes to customized patterns and shapes. Of course, it will take a little longer to get customized covers manufactured since they are not easily available off the shelf, but if you do manage to find a reliable seller who offers such services then making an order shouldn't be too difficult!

Final Words

More and more industries are turning to steel manhole lids because of their safety, durability, and affordability. Steel is galvanized for corrosion resistance (protects from rust), has a non-skid surface for safety, and is ductile (flexibility) for installation and transportation. Each unit weights less than other comparable products on the market and requires fewer people to install or remove them.

Steel manhole covers serve as a safer alternative to concrete covers that can break when run over by vehicles or from harsh weather conditions. They are also lighter than concrete covers, making it easier for workers to transport them without equipment or additional labor costs.



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