HDPE Drainage Plastic Manhole Inspection Chamber

HDPE Drainage Plastic Manhole Inspection Chamber

It uses a new one-time injection molding process. Generally, rubber seals are used to connect plastic pipes. A finished plastic inspection chamber is placed every tens of meters, which is convenient for later inspection and cleaning of plastic drainage pipes.

Classification of inspection chamber:

1. According to the way of intersection: straight-through wells, three-way inspection chamber, four-way inspection chamber, etc.;

2. According to the purpose of use: sewage inspection chamber, rainwater wells, sinking wells, etc.


1. Low price, simple, convenient and fast construction;

2. No pungent odor, harmless, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, in line with relevant national environmental protection regulations;

3. Light weight and low transportation cost;

4. Good sealing performance, basically no leakage;

5. Strong compression resistance and uniform settlement.

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