Composite frp resin cable trench cover specification

The main reason why the composite cable cover is very stable in quality and powerful is that it is refined through high-end technology and high-temperature molding production. The use of polymer composite materials ensures strong quality stability. It is used in any environment without worrying about corrosion and other problems, and has a long service life.

Composite frp resin cable trench cover

Color:yellow/grey/green/blue/orange etc


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The composite cable trench cover plate gets rid of the many shortcomings of the previous products of this kind, and is more beautiful and light.

Lightweight:, easy to transfer, easy to construct, convenient for the maintenance and arrangement of the cable trench cover of the substation and power plant . Good resistance (easy to repair): The composite cable trench cover can be lifted arbitrarily during maintenance, protection and finishing, which ensures the integrity of the cover's appearance. Beautiful appearance

has a certain strength and carrying capacity, which is the basic requirement of the power cover. Different materials are selected according to the use occasion, and customers can also choose the required cover according to actual needs. The performance of the cover is mainly reflected in the aspects of heat conduction, electrical conductivity, and toughness.

According to the use characteristics of the cable trench cover products, the new composite materials widely used in the world are used to develop and produce reinforced thermosetting composite cable trench cover plates, which completely overcome the many defects of other cover plates. The product can be applied to different areas, different conditions, and different development needs, and has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and flame retardant performance, high strength, and easy installation.


1. Anti-theft function: The cable trench cover cannot be opened from the outside without a special key. Hot-dip galvanizing: anti-rust, no maintenance and replacement.

2. Anti-displacement function: not only control the sinking, but also control the left and right displacement. Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern trend.

3. Anti-noise function: no matter how many years, there will be no noise after the wheel rolls. Drainage: The leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice that of cast iron.

4. Automatic adjustment function: commonly known as anti-caking manhole cover automatic adjustment, the height of the manhole cover can be automatically adjusted according to the pressure of the composite cable trench cover. Anti-theft design: The cover is hinged to the frame, anti-theft and easy to open.

5. Anti-sinking function: The design of the composite cable trench cover is cleverly connected, so that the force is evenly distributed on the entire road surface, and the downward pressure is well resolved. Specifications: Meet the requirements of different environments, loads, spans, sizes and shapes.

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