Cast iron drain cover manufacturers

Cast iron drain cover manufacturers

Material: Ductile cast iron

Model: 600*700/700*800/800*900/700*900 or customized

Carrying capacity: 900KN

Standards for Manhole Covers

A15: Load 15/KN, only pedestrians or bicycles or green belts

B125 load 125/KN, sidewalk, non-motor vehicle lane, car parking lot

C250 load 250/KN is suitable for manhole covers installed on the side of the road

D400 load 400/KN Municipal roads, parking lots, all kinds of motor vehicles can be driven

E600 load 600/KN dock, airport runway

F900 load 900/KN airport runway


Integrated design, good sealing, uniform force

Ductile iron manhole covers are generally divided into round and square. In terms of road administration in urban areas, round is generally used, because round is not easy to tilt and can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.


Main application areas: municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, residential areas, schools and other parks


1. High strength and good toughness

2. There are adhesive strips on the edge of the manhole cover, which has good sealing performance

3. The bottom of the manhole cover is reinforced with sufficient material

4. Non-slip design, widely used, support customization