Double Sealed Manhole Cover

The ductile iron manhole cover has good load-bearing capacity and can be used in different environments. It can be used in water supply and drainage wells, ventilation wells, cable wells, instrument wells, etc.. At the same time, its strength and durability are higher than most other manhole covers, and it can also be used in large-span and heavy-load environments such as docks and airports.

Double Sealed Manhole Cover

Material:ductile iron



Model:A15/B125/C250 /D400/E500/E600

Load force:15-900KN

Size:see following 

cast iron manhole cover (5).jpg

Cast iron manhole cover load-bearing model level

A15: Load 15/KN only for pedestrians or bicycles or green belts

B125: Load 125/KN sidewalk, non-motorized vehicle, car parking lot

C250 manhole cover: Load 250/KN, suitable for gutter cover installed on the side of the road

D400: Load 400/KN, municipal roads, parking lots, can drive all kinds of motor vehicles

E500: Load 500/KN municipal roads, parking lots, docks, and can drive all kinds of motor vehicles

E600: Load 600/KN, terminal, airport runway

F900:Load 900/KN Airport runway 


Features of ductile iron manhole cover

1. Good toughness. 

2. Strong corrosion resistance. 

3. Good plasticity. 

4. High strength.

5. Better anti-theft and safety performance.

6. No noise:There is no doubt that the quality of ductile iron manhole covers is far superior to other manhole covers.


Suitable for municipal roads, green belts, sidewalks, communities, parking lots, arterial roads, highways, airports, docks, etc.