Round and square stainless steel manhole cover

The stainless steel manhole cover will not rust easily, especially stainless steel 304. Moreover, the stainless steel manhole cover is light in material, which is particularly convenient for use and installation.

Round and square stainless steel manhole cover

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Advantages of stainless steel recessed manhole cover:

  • It is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, anti-aging, suitable for any harsh environment, and has a long service life.

  • The product is light in weight and easy to install and maintain.

  • It can be customized at the needs of special customers, which is easy to manage and beautify the environment.

  • It is a natural, active anti-theft product that has no value for recycling. It saves the trouble of anti-theft.

  • Easy to load and unload.


Stainless steel manhole cover is also called recess manhole cover: it is mainly used in industrial and civil construction areas to meet the requirements of paving road  and  residential areas. The main uses are as follows:

1. Drainage engineering, applied to rainwater and sewage pipelines

2. Water supply engineering, applied to tap water, fire fighting engineering, etc.

3. Heating engineering, applied to heating arm line.

4. Power supply engineering, applied to power supply cables, telecommunications engineering, telephone, communication cable pipelines.

5. Landscape engineering, application and supporting integrated pipelines.

6. Gas engineering, applied to gas engineering, natural gas pipelines, etc.

7. Street lamp engineering, applied to power supply, lighting, cable pipeline

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