The difference between BMC and SMC manhole cover?

  SMC is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are composed of SMC special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives. In the design of SMC molded products, it is not only necessary to determine the shape and structure of the product according to the use quality requirements of the SMC product and the working condition of the load, but also to determine the shape and structure of the product according to the actual molding production. Necessary analysis and trade-offs are necessary to make the determined product structure meet the process requirements of molded manufacturing.

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SMC composite manhole cover

      The influence of SMC manhole cover design structure on the future production process is mainly manifested in the difficulty of mold design and the implementation of process conditions in the molding process. The ideal molded product structure should be able to design and manufacture molding molds easily, and can smoothly produce high-quality SMC molded products.

 BMC manhole cover

     BMC--bulk molding compounds is the abbreviation of Bulk molding compounds, often called unsaturated polyester bulk molding compounds. The main raw materials are made of GF (chopped glass fiber), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (filler) and various additives fully mixed into a dough shape

SMC  manhole cover is better than BMC material

SMC has the advantages of superior electrical properties, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy and flexible engineering design, and its mechanical properties are comparable to some metal materials.

Beauty, so it is widely used in transportation vehicles, construction, electronics/electrical and other industries.

SMC composite manhole cover and BMC composite manhole cover Generally speaking, BMC composite manhole cover does not require much load-bearing requirements, and is usually used in places such as residential green belts, and SMC composite manhole covers.

The manhole cover can meet the airport passing standard.

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Why is SMC composite manhole cover more widely used?

   We can find manhole covers everywhere on the road. Some have written words, and some have not written anything. However, we will find that some manhole covers are made of iron and some are made of composite materials. So, why is SMC composite manhole cover more widely used? What are its benefits? Let's take a look briefly.

SMC manhole cover

   1. The composite manhole cover has high strength, low price, convenient installation and maintenance, no recycling value, and not easy to lose.

  2. SMC composite manhole covers are metal-free, light in weight, and have no robbery value. Even for BMC manhole covers, it is difficult to remove the steel bars from the manhole covers, and the cost of taking steel bars is much higher than the cost of selling steel bars. Therefore, it is effective to prevent theft.

   3. In the case of low technical requirements, the overall performance of SMC manhole covers is better than stone.

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 Performance advantage analysis of SMC manhole cover

  ①High-strength bearings, light weight and easy maintenance.

  The density of the product is only 1/4 of that of steel, but after special processing, its strength can exceed that of steel. It is widely used in important traffic roads such as urban and rural roads, airports, gas stations, telecommunications, communications, waterways, and gas.


  The material does not contain a metal interlayer, which can be used safely in remote areas without monitoring facilities.

  ③Prevent noise pollution.

  Compared with the metal manhole cover, when the vehicle passes by, it will produce a lot of noise, especially when the cover seat is loose, it will produce harsh noise. SMC material can reduce the noise generated when vehicles pass.

  ④Super corrosion resistance, wear resistance and antistatic.

  The service life can reach more than 50 years. Normal use in the range of -40to 100, the service life is more than 5-10 years longer than ductile iron manhole covers, and more than 30 years longer than steel fiber manhole covers and BMC manhole covers.

  ⑤Sturdy structure, suitable for various complicated traffic sections and construction sections.

   The construction techniques for the excavation, leveling, and renovation of rural domestic sewage roads are complex, and the road surface conditions are complex, requiring frequent entry and exit of excavators and rollers, and it is difficult to install manhole covers according to standard techniques. For ordinary manhole covers, it is easy to damage and perforate in this case, which will bring great maintenance costs to the operation and maintenance of subsequent projects. SMC manhole covers have excellent pressure resistance and wear resistance, and are not easily damaged under various complicated conditions.



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