Application advantages of linear slot drain

Application advantages of linear slot drain

        The linear slot drain system  is the most commonly used in our country. The following is brife introducation of slot drain. The slit-type is just a gap, as the name suggests, each gap is connected together to form a line, which forms the "slit-type linear drainage system".  the drainage leaves a 15-20 mm gap on the pavement surface from the surface, but the gap can also be widened according to the size of the drainage. The effect of the slotted type drainage is more fashionable, elegant and beautiful, with good concealment. The design effect will be affected due to the installation of drainage ditch.

A successful unblocked drainage system can achieve the following functions:

1. Able to deal with all kinds of rain and weather

 2. It can quickly reduce the accumulation of water and quickly discharge sewage and waste.

 3. It can reduce wrestling and tire slip caused by wet and slippery

 4. It can effectively protect the service life of ground paving and buildings

 5. It can protect the fixed assets of owners and customers from being flooded

 6. The clean and tidy ground of a building after the rain can give the public a happy mood and reduce the uncomfortable feeling of traveling after the rain.

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        Slotted drainage is mainly composed of slotted ditch cover and resin concrete ditch body, followed by accessories such as drop wells and end flaps, forming a complete slotted linear resin concrete finished drainage system.


1. High efficiency of linear continuous interception and drainage

2. The appearance is simple and does not affect the paving effect

3. The modular system is installed quickly and the construction period is short

4. The maintenance of the debris basket in the design of the access port

5. The access opening can be filled with paving materials without affecting the paving effect, which is convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system

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Advantages of slot drainage ditch:

Advantage 1. High aesthetics

        The construction of urban beautification has become a very important point. Under the premise of solving the drainage function, the slot drainage ditch can more perfectly green the urban environment, giving people a very intuitive linear look and simple and unified aesthetic effect. It is only one very narrow gaps after installation, which can be used with almost all floor paving materials, presenting a concise and continuous narrow gap drainage and aesthetics, which can be concealed and creative on the stone paving surface. The surface of the resin drainage ditch is smooth, the construction surface will be very beautiful, and it can effectively protect the ground and the service life of the building.

Advantage 2: Good material

        The linear slot drain is made of energy-saving and environmentally friendly new building material resin concrete as the raw material. The slotted drainage ditch completely replaces the traditional cement composition, and does not need to add any water liquid. Different grades of aggregates are mixed and reacted by resin. , Slotted drainage ditch has the advantages of high strength and light weight, and it is easier to manually operate and assemble during construction, which reduces the cost. The product is impervious to water, resistant to freezing, and can also prevent a variety of corrosive chemicals. It can also be used for a long time under the conditions of complex sewage composition.



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