The manhole cover cost is mainly affected by these three factors

Due to the different materials, The manhole cover cost is naturally different. For example, due to different alloy compositions, the price of stainless steel manhole covers ranges from hundreds to thousands. Of course, stainless steel manhole covers are superior to other manhole covers in terms of material and quality. At present, many municipal projects choose to use resin composite manhole covers because the price is not high and also corrosion-resistant. Considering all aspects, composite manhole covers are very cost-effective. Let's talk about the price composition of various manhole covers, so that you can have a spectrum when buying manhole covers.

1. Differences in raw materials

At present, the commonly used raw materials for manhole covers on the market are: stainless steel, ductile iron, composite resin, PVC, etc. The service life of manhole covers is different according to the nature of the raw materials. Therefore, the price of cover plates made of different raw materials will naturally vary. The stainless steel shell has strong carrying capacity and is produced in strict accordance with national standards. After repeated tests, the internal quality of the product is stable and reliable for a long time, and the service life is expected to be more than 30 years.

2, production process difference

The current common production processes on the market are basically the same, and the prices of manhole covers with different processes vary greatly. For example, for the same four-way dust-proof well, the same specification and model of the well cover, the cost of injection molding without roll forming is very high. Composite manhole covers are generally formed by compression molding, which is really different from other traditional processes.

3, transportation distance

 Resin composite manhole covers are generally shipped from manufacturers, and products such as manhole covers are shipped by logistics. This is to calculate the freight price based on the forward haul distance. According to the different transportation distance, the quotation will be different. Therefore, we recommend that customers who want to buy composite manhole covers should generally choose the provinces and cities close to the project address to buy manhole covers in their own provinces, which can also save budget.

In addition to the above-mentioned differences in raw materials, production technology and transportation distance will also cause differences in the price of manhole covers. In addition, the price of the manhole cover varies with different sales methods. The prices of manufacturers and distributors are of course different. Therefore, when purchasing stainless steel manhole covers, we should consider the above factors so that we can purchase manhole covers at an appropriate price.

The above is about the related content of the manhole cover, I hope it can be helpful to you.


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