Can resin drainage channel be installed and used indoors?

Everyone knows that resin drainage channel are used for drainage outdoors. Many people may think that resin drainage channel are only suitable for outdoor drainage. In fact, this is not the case. resin drainage channel are also suitable for indoor installation and use. Next, let the resin drainage ditch manufacturer introduce to you why the finished resin drainage ditch is also suitable for indoor installation and use~


Advantages of resin drainage channel


1. Good drainage effect: smooth inner wall, drainage is better than ordinary point drainage, and there will be no local water accumulation;


2. Good product quality: the material is resin concrete, which has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-freeze, strong corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, and zero permeability;


3. The installation is very simple: the depth of construction trenches is shallow, the slope is simple, easy to construct, the installation and construction speed is fast, and the construction period can be guaranteed;


4. Design aesthetics: The unique and novel slot-type cover plate of the resin finished drainage ditch is simple and unified, and can be used on all ground pavements, and the effect is concealed and beautiful;



    Resin drainage ditch is a finished combined drainage ditch. It is a prefabricated finished product in the factory. It can be matched with different styles of cover plates. After it is transported to the site, it only needs to be combined according to the installation instructions. It is not only easy to operate, And it is very beautiful. For example, there are examples of resin drains installed in closed indoor places such as shopping malls, kitchens, roofs or underground parking lots. It can be seen that resin drains are not It is only suitable for outdoor use, and it also has good results for indoor use.



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