What is cable trench

Maintenance of polymer cable trench cover

The cable trench cover is an indispensable product in many urban cable constructions. At present, there are many types of products on the market. The effect of the trench cover of different materials is also somewhat different when used. Yes, today we take a look at the introduction of different materials of trench cover.

 1. The steel fiber concrete material itself is relatively cumbersome, so first of all, it requires more manpower during construction and maintenance, but because this kind of material is easily available, the price is relatively cheap.

2. The temperature resistance of recycled resin and polymer-based composite materials is relatively weak, and it is easier to become brittle in winter, and expand due to overheating in summer, so the actual use effect is relatively poor and needs Frequent maintenance and repair, and its own material properties also determine that it has a relatively short service life. Of course, its use effect is better than steel fiber concrete, so the price will be higher.

3. The composite resin material is generally made with a steel frame when used, so the product itself has very stable performance, and the cable trench cover has a very good effect in terms of temperature resistance. Acid and alkali resistance, so the actual service life is relatively long, especially the maintenance time of the cable itself after the completion of construction is very long, and the cost performance is very high.

The above is the difference between the different materials of the cable trench cover. For example, the composite resin material has a very good effect when used, and it is more convenient to install compared to the concrete and other materials.

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Manufacturing technology and characteristics of cable trench cover

The cable trench cover, also known as the power cover, is a plate-like material compounded by glass fiber as the reinforcing material and the epoxy resin as the matrix of the cable trench cover through a special molding process.

The composite cable trench cover is used to cover roads or deep wells in houses to prevent people or objects from falling. It can be used in substations, wind power generation, electric power pipe networks, green belts, factories, sidewalks, motor vehicle lanes, docks, and other areas.

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Product feature description:

1. Anti-theft function: The composite cable trench cover cannot be opened without a special key from the outside. Hot-dip galvanizing: strong anti-rust, free of maintenance and replacement.

2. The anti-shift function not only effectively controls the sinking, but also effectively controls the left and right shift. Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern trend.

3. Anti-noise function, no matter how many years, the wheel will not make any noise after rolling. Optimal drainage: The leaking area is 83.3%, which is more than twice that of cast iron.

4. Automatic adjustment function, the full name is automatic adjustment of anti-sinking manhole cover, and the height of the manhole cover can be automatically adjusted according to the pressure of the composite cable trench cover. Anti-theft design: Both the cover and frame adopt hinges, which are anti-theft, safe and easy to open.

5. Anti-settling function: The design of the composite cable trench cover is cleverly connected, so that the force of the composite cable trench cover is evenly distributed on the entire road, thereby effectively solving the downforce.

6. Specifications: meet the requirements of different environments, loading, span, size and shape.

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How to choose a cable trench cover

1. Relatively high strength and good load-bearing capacity. A certain load-bearing capacity and strength are the most basic requirements of the board. The material of the board is selected according to different application places. Obviously, traditional plastic and wood materials cannot meet the requirements of the cable trench cover. In the past, the cover plates were made of cement materials, but now there are composite materials and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

2. The quiet function is good. If you judge the quiet function of the cover, it depends on its toughness, electrical conductivity and heat conduction. The stone cover is neither conductive nor thermally conductive, but has little toughness, similar to the metal cover, and is particularly susceptible to deformation. In terms of quiet function, the FRP cover plate is the best choice, not only is it tough, but it is also not conductive or thermally conductive.

3. The sealability is strong. The sealability is an important factor to measure the quality of the cable trench cover. Only when the sealability meets certain requirements, can the cable be better protected and will not be damaged. In order to have a strong product closure, reasonable design of the bearing capacity, angle and size should be carried out during the production process.

Installation method

The cable trench cover is divided into 40mm thick , 50mm thick , 60mm thick , 70mm thick , and 80mm thick composite cover.

In order to ensure the normal use of the composite material cover plate, great attention should be paid to the installation quality of the cable cover plate, so that the size is accurate, the installation is firm, and the appearance is clean and beautiful. According to the technical standards of the composite material cover plate, the following installation rules are set:

1. Determine the size of the conventional cover before making the foundation, and reserve the embedded size according to the size of the cover.

2. The support base on which the cable cover is placed must be flat, firm, and free of debris.

3. When paving the cover, two people should coordinate the paving of each cover. It is not allowed to pave by one person or put one end of the cover first and then the other end.

4. After the paving is completed, check whether the cable cover is smoothly laid, and if it is not smooth, it should be dealt with in time.

5. If the product needs to be cut, you should pay attention to safety. There is a steel frame in the cover. The position of the steel frame should be optimistic about the position of the steel frame before cutting to prevent personal or equipment injuries.



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