Cast iron gully grid drain cover

cast iron gully grid, there are many types of load-bearing, and the pressure resistance of the manhole cover is relatively good, and it is not easy to be deformed or corroded.

Cast iron gully grid drain cover


Size :see following chart

Features of cast iron gully grid

1. Anti-rust treatment on the surface, strong bearing capacity, fine polishing, bright color

2. cast iron has high strength, good toughness and convenient installation and construction

3. Strong pressure resistance, able to carry the weight of the car

4. Support customization


cast iron grating is mainly used for drainage equipment on municipal roads and general roads, factory drainage ditch cover, basement drainage ditch, general construction drainage equipment etc 

Standard dimensions

Light duty: 25 tons/m2, school housing parks, parks, underground parking lots and kitchens for vehicles and pedestrians.

Heavy duty: 70 tons/m2, factory areas where cars under 20 tons pass, general roads, parking lots and streets, etc.

Super heavy duty: 140 tons/m2, heavy trailers, container forklifts, cranes and airplanes and other passing roads, super large parking lots, mines, docks and airports, etc.

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