Cast iron tree grates

Cast iron tree grates

cast iron tree grates

1. Sound absorption, shock absorption, heat insulation, especially water absorption, air permeability, and soil loosening are more conducive to the growth of trees.

2. Rich colors, diverse styles, not only has ornamental value, but also can beautify the city.

Specification: 1700x1700 (mm) 1500×1500×25 (mm) 1300×1300×25 (mm)

1000×1000×25 (mm) 1200×1200×40 (mm)

Color: red, green, blue, yellow (can be customized), size can also be customized

Installation and use instructions of nodular cast iron tree pond grate

1. When installing, leave enough gap between the edge of the tree grating and the wall of the pond;

2. The tree grates must be leveled;

3.  Please check the filling of the new tree pond due to sinking to prevent the tree grate body from hanging;

Installation method cast iron tree grate

(1)  a layer of 5mm thick stones can be laid in the tree pit. The tree grate is generally divided into two butt joints. If it is a 1*1 tree pit, 0.5*1 is required at this time Two tree grate are spliced in the tree pit. The size of the tree grate can be larger or smaller according to the growth characteristics of the tree. At the same time, there can be a hole for the ground light, which is convenient for installation and use, and the ground light is installed to light up to create a beautiful and gorgeous scenery at night. . If there are irregular sizes, the splicing of the tree grate may require three or four pieces to complete.

(2) Fixing of the tree grate: You can use fasteners, usually C model, stainless steel, directly on the wall of the tree grate, just screw on the screws. However, we do not recommend using fasteners to fix it. One is the cost, and the other is that the fastener itself is silver-white, which is inconsistent with the color of the tree grate, and the overall is not very good-looking. In fact, it enough good done after the tree grate is docked.

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