Frp manhole chamber cover

We can find manhole covers everywhere on the road. Some have written words, and some have not written anything. However, we will find that some manhole covers are made of iron and some are made of composite materials. but SMC composite manhole cover is more widely used

Frp manhole chamber cover




Color: Yellow/grey/green/ customized


   (1) High strength: It is made of polymer synthetic materials, combined with a steel frame, and molded at high temperatures. The highest test result exceeds 40 tons,

  (2) Beautiful: The surface of the fiberglass manhole cover is beautifully designed, and various patterns and colors can be completed to beautify the urban environment, which is both beautiful and durable.

  (3) Light weight: convenient transportation, installation and maintenance, greatly reducing labor intensity.

  (4) Anti-theft: Synthetic materials have no recycling value and are naturally anti-theft. And set the lock structure

  (5) Strong weather resistance: The product uses high molecular weight materials with large molecular weight and strong chemical stability as raw materials. Through scientific formula, advanced technology and perfect process equipment, this product can be used normally at -40℃-90℃.

(6) High precision: Because the product is formed under high temperature, the gap between the cover and the seat is very small, which overcomes the "running, jumping, and ringing" problems of cast iron and cement hole covers, and improves road traffic and Driving comfort

  (7) Corrosion resistance: has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance