Gully grid drain cover type

What types of common gully grid drain cover?

There are many types of gully cover on the market, and their characteristics are also different. Common road gully grating are made of steel  The surface is hot-dip galvanized, which is very acid & alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. The product has a strong load-bearing capacity and can be customized according to needs, and does not require a predetermined mold, and the drainage area can reach more than 80%. It is a recommended product for modern factory construction, drainage manhole covers, and municipal drainage systems.

metal gully grid

metal gully grid.jpg

Another product is a drain cover that uses BMC, SMC resin and other materials, plus a steel frame, and is molded by high temperature and high pressure . This type of product has very light weight, the leakage area is very large. The size is small, and limited by the mold, only a few fixed specifications and sizes can be selected.

resin drain cover

resin drain cover.jpg

There is also a drain gully cover welded with a stainless steel square tube. This type of drainage grate is widely used in the supermarket. It has a very small bearing capacity and is expensive.

Stainless steel drainage cover

There are also rainwater grate made of ductile iron. This kind of product is very heavy and has a very small drainage area, so it is slowly withdrawn from the market.

cast iron gully grid

cast iron gully grid.jpg



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