Different drain gully cover comparison

There are many drain road gully cover of different materials on the market, such as resin drainage ditch cover, ductile iron drainage ditch cover, stainless steel cover, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of them?

Features of resin road gully cover

1. The resin gully cover is made of polymer composite materials, with steel bars as the main internal skeleton, and is formed by high temperature molding, and the strength can withstand up to 50 tons of weight.

2. The resin drain gully cover is light in weight, easy to transport and install, and can greatly reduce labor intensity. The new resin manhole cover has good anti-theft performance, because the synthetic resin material has no recycling value, which effectively eliminates the appearance of "urban black holes".

3. The composite cover plate has high precision and corrosion resistance. After high temperature molding production, it has good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which effectively prolongs the service life of the resin manhole cover.

Disadvantages: high cost

Features of cast iron gully grid

1. Long service life: corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and can be used for more than 50 years.

2. High bearing capacity: bearing capacity far exceeds other products, high pressure bearing and resistance to fracture.

3. Anti-theft: common anti-theft design and new anti-theft design. The manhole cover and the well circle are connected by bolts, which is an integrated design.

4. Anti-jumping cover: using anti-vibration rubber ring, there is no noise when the vehicle passes by, and it meets the requirements of environmental protection.

5. The cover is tightly integrated, will not cause jumping, jumping, ringing, or shifting, no noise, and reliable.

6. Beautiful: Urban environment, sprayed with black asphalt, make the product look bright and clean.

7. Anti-slip: The surface of the cover has a special anti-slip pattern to increase friction and prevent pedestrians from slipping due to rain, snow and ice.

Disadvantages: too bulky

Features of stainless steel metal gully cover

1. Anti-theft: Compared with other cover plates, the stainless steel cover plate has higher sturdiness and smaller joint gap. It is not easy to pry open with ordinary tools and has strong anti-theft performance.

2. Safety: The cover shall not only prevent theft, but also be responsible for the safety of the pipeline construction personnel. Due to the use of steel support, the stainless steel manhole cover will not be crushed even if it reaches a destructive load, thereby preventing various hazards caused by falling.

3. High precision: The stainless steel cover is formed with a small gap between the cover and the seat, which overcomes the problem of "running, jumping, and ringing" in the original manhole cover, and greatly improves the road traffic performance and driving comfort.

4. Environmental protection: The cover is open all year round, requiring high corrosion resistance. The stainless steel manhole cover is not only moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant, but also anti-aging and has a long service life.

5. Convenient and beautiful: The stainless steel cover is only two-thirds of the cast iron cover, which is convenient for installation and inspection. The invisible manhole cover can also be used without destroying the beauty of the entire environment. It can be colored according to the industry sector, which is convenient for classification management.

Disadvantages: easy to deform



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